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Scheduling & Pricing


*All appointments are booked, rescheduled, or cancelled online Via Vagaro, an online booking system I use.

*A debit or credit card is required to secure your appointment, your information is encrypted and stored securely on Vagaro. I do not have access to your CC #,I only have the ability to process after appointment is completed. If for any reason you need to change method of payment to another card, please tell me at beginning of appointment, otherwise the charge will go to the original form of payment you made appointment with.

*I am in an intimate Suite Salon setting. Due to COVID-19  children or additional people who are not being serviced are not allowed.  Only 2 people, myself and the person being serviced are allowed in my suite. 

*New Client appointments can sometimes run over or under allotted time based on condition of the hair. Please keep this in mind and do not schedule new client appointment when you are in a time crunch. 


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