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Why do I have to arrive with clean, dry & detangled hair in a wash & go style for as Dry Curl Cut ?

Unlike traditional cuts. Dry curl cuts are performed at the beginning of your service, then your hair is detoxed, conditioned & styled. 

Why can't I call to book?

All of my booking is done online through Vagaro. You can access it through my scheduling page. This allows you the flexibility to make appointments at your convenience based on your schedule & allows me to stay organized.  I do not book appointments over the phone, email, text, or send available dates by email or text. All of these thing are conveniently available to you through the Vagaro site. 

Why don't you service children under 13

After years of doing children, I found that its better for me to be able to teach children who are of an age and maturity level to style & maintain their own hair and also have the ability to sit patiently for a New Client Cut, which can be a very long appointment the first time around.

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