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Proper preparation for your appointment

***Please read & follow these instructions***

If I have to reschedule your appointment because you showed up for your appointment but did not prep, you will be charged the full appointment price and have to reschedule another one at full price.


Please arrive with your best attempt of a freshly cleansed ( no more than 2 days old) Dry & Detangled Wash and Go with water soluble products to show your curl in its natural fall. DO NOT put your hair up with Clips, Bands, Braids, Twist outs, Buns, Headbands, Ponytails or anything else that might stretch or warp your natural curl fall.

Please make sure to detangle properly before your appointment.Very knotty or tangled hair requiring excessive time will need to be rescheduled if lack of time does not allow me to complete your full service on time. It is unfair to run over time for a following guest because someone did not follow my prep directions. If I do have the time, you will be charged a 75.00 Detangling fee on top of your appointment price. 


Please refrain from using heavy butter based, silicone based, or heavy oil based products. If you have been using these things, its highly suggested that while your are waiting for your actual appointment, you start to clarify your hair to remove the heavy Butters, Oils,& Silicones. 

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